Brickmuppet on Lucky Star

Another member of our group of heriatric animebloggers shares the following piece of advice:

[Lucky Star] is also a costly thing to miss.

Recently, I went to Japan, and suffered a bit of a mishap my first night there. The guest house I was to be staying in had burned down and I found this out shortly before the trains shut down. While in Chofu station waiting for a transfer I spied what I mistook for a cybercafe, so, thinking this area had to be cheaper than Shinjuku I left the station... and what proved to be the last train out.

Now if I had watched Lucky Star volume 3... I would have learned that Chofu is an expensive and hoity toity yuppieville, thus I would not have left, I would have gone clear to Shunjuku and not paid nearly twice what any other hotel cost me on the whole trip, just to get out of the rain... which would have been most useful given that the mishap cost me a large chunk of my available funds. Lucky Star, buy it AS SOON as it comes out...don't wait!

It's important, and there WILL be a test.

Ueno is where it's at. Trust me. Also, it's where Shiratori arrives in the first episode of Mahoraba.