Magikano ends

September 12th, 2008 by Author

As was predicted by many, the ending sucked balls. But I was ready to it because it was certain from the beginning that Yuri wasn’t getting any action, and also because the number of useable screenshots per episode was crashing ever since the swimsuit episode. The best screen from the last DVD was probably the one where Maika’s nose grew. At least that was useful to explain what happened to Yunocci.

It has to be noted that Magikano has the healthiest girls I’ve seen in a while, if not ever. Really, designers of Sekirei should learn about correct proportions from Magikano. I think I’ll leave the pure beauty crown in posession of Megumi from MKM/RFM, but as far as health goes, Yuri, Maika, and Ayumi triumph across the whole industry.

Liked: The first 5 or 6 episodes were ok.
Rewatch: None, I have screencaps.