Sekirei overload

September 13th, 2008 by Author

I’ve seen Sekirei 07, where they started to kill each other in earnest, and decided that I had enough of that HiMEtardity. Musubi’s idiotic pact with Karasuba was the final drop in the cup. So the plan was to let Karasuba kill everyone (or at least half) and then see if it all was a mistake, is that right? The blood of all those people will be on Musubi’s hands — in another 100 episodes. So whatever. Stupid bitch.

Also, steam censoring came in force.

Next question is, what to watch this season. After the “suspension” of ZKC, officially I have running Nogizaka (seen 1), x365 (seen 7), and Allison& (seen 6.5). Nothing is particularly exciting… I love Haruka, of course, but she’s kinda in the Yunocci’s power band. So, I’m thinking about advancing the queue again. Next up is Itakiss, which apparently has a real story and a real ending (which hasn’t aired yet), according to blogging at Hinano’s, [Concrete] Badger, and other places. My biggest reservation was that its manga ran for 10 years, but if that’s not a problem, then why not.