Evirus on StrikerS

September 16th, 2008 by Author

I started updating my own post with the link to the entry at Karmaburn but realized that it deserves a special mention. By the way, our frames of mind are quite different:

Part of me sincerely wishes Vita had killed Nanoha in episode one of A’s, with Fate arriving too late to save her but still in time to clutch her still-warm corpse. And then A’s could have been about FEITO losing her mind, hunting down and brutally butchering the Velka knights while useless TSAB pinheads desperately try to get her under control and end her reign of terror with impotent lines such as, “Killing more people won’t bring Nanoha back, Fate!”

As they say on the Internet, LOL. I bet Evirus will love Sekirei. Not that I’ve seen anything like that in it, I stopped soon enough to avoid it…