Animanachronism on Vandread

September 26th, 2008 by Author

Daniel is back with a catch-up post, and among other things mentions Vandread:

Wrapped up the first thirteen episodes of Vandread. I’m surprised at how amiable this series is, a diverting combination of naval pursuit and a comedy of genders. Interestingly, I even like the fanservice: it’s amusingly innocent, almost prelapsarian (don’t think too hard about the theological implications of that, I’m sure they’re incorrect).

Nothing new for those who paid attention, but a great quote to paste, isn’t it?

The first volume of Divergence Eve came through the letterbox today. (If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s one of those rare anime which both (a) has mecha and (b) received a thumbs-up from Steven Den Beste.)

You mean, like the aforementioned Vandread, right? I think we’re seeing him being tsundere about mecha: dismissing it officially yet admitting the samples which broke through the filters (e.g. Kirameki Project). At this point, admitting that mecha is not all bad is an empty formality.