Concrete Badger on Allison and Lillia, again

October 4th, 2008 by Author

Martin explains why I was unable to see through ep.7, by the way of looking back from the vantage point of the second season:

The [new season’s] adventures may centre around two different protagonists (the son and daughter of those in the first half) but everything else about it, both good and bad, is pretty much the same. The dynamic between the two leads is also similar, which is I’m sure intentional despite being irritating on occasion; I guess Lillia has inherited her old man’s intellect coupled with an inability to spot the bleeding obvious but at least Treize lacks the clumsy, wet-blanket aspect his predecessor Wil did, beyond being unable to swim.

He also mentions the usual, gigantic plot holes.

The plane that Allison uses to rescue Lillia and Treize for instance (see screenie below) looked a lot like the WW2 German FW-190, which was a cutting-edge piece of technology for its time.

The accompanying screencap is not just of any FW-190, but of a Dora, the straight-engine version. Here’s what American ace John Godfrey wrote about it:

A plane was approaching, and because of its long nose I thought it was a Mustang. Turning into it I received a shock; it was neither Mustang nor an Me-109, but a new Focke-Wulf; its long nose was the latest improvement of the famed FW. These planes with the longer noses were rumored to have more horsepower than their predecessors, and were capable of giving a Mustang a rough time. []

Tangentially, I saw a very realistic looking Dora in an AMV, a part of AMV Hell of a certain number, perhaps 4 IIRC. I wish I knew what anime it was. I never heard of anything like it before.

UPDATE: I think I recognize the style of The Cockpit, the Dora must be from it.