The trust in bloggers

Published: Tue 14 October 2008
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In meta.

The inability of bloggers to break through my filters can be turned around: let's ask, who could do what to make me notice Nodame?

DiGiKerot might've done it, but he was poisoned by manga of Nodame, so he did not watch and did not blog it. Well, I'm still not watching Geyass, but I reclassified its rejection from "idiocy" to "bandwidth" in part thanks to Sayoko the Combat Maid.

Daniel draws no comics, but he could've posted an analytical article... if he watched it.

Martin is about the same, but he's too polite to weak shows, like Allison and Lillia. He'd need very strong expressions for Nodame.

Unlike the above, Lawson watched and reviewed Nodame, but unfortunately he framed his review in the terms of personal experience which reinforced the stereotype of Nodame which I considered negative: the classical music part. It was like saying that Princess Tutu was about ballet! He's more concise and skillful with his praise of anime in general, but chose not to apply in this case.

SDB has all the tools (and my trust), and I think he could expose the story and character interactions (see Strike Witches, Divergence Eve), but alas... the show isn't licensed in R1.

I can go on, but the picture is that I did not see anyone with enough trust values to argue Nodame's case. This is unfortunate. The only reason Sekirei went through was a very poor Summer season when I ran out of things to watch after dropping Nopants Witches. For me to discover Sekirei, tender Nogizaka, sedate Allison, amazing ZKC, stumbling Hidamari x365 all had to fail first. It would not happen in a normal season, and Nodame had zero chance for the eyeball time (by comparison, Honey and Clover is still grasping onto the tail of my queue). One has to wonder what else besides Nodame and Sekirei is lurking out there.

UPDATE ON TERMS: I see that I confused Owen. The word "trust" is overloaded (as operators in some languages are) and in this case I meant the numeric trust or a trust metric. There's a useful, if long, video of lecture that includes the introduction into numeric trust which I think many bloggers would do well to watch and internalize (and I think I'm in it somewhere momentarily).