Brickmuppet opens Haruhi

Brickmuppet defies the broadcast order nazis to produce this:

Haruhi Suzumia is bored...completely...utterly...bored. She dispairs of her banal existance and wants desperatly to do interesting and unusual things and by golly she is going to try to make said things happen!

This is, on the surface, a really cool character trait and certainly should be an excellent start for anything...unfortunately Haruhi is not a particularly good person, in fact she is a borderline sociopath.

Haruhi is, you see, one of those obnoxious, pushy, psychobitch fangirls many of us have had the misfortune of encountering over the years, the manipulative narcissistic female bully to whom all people she encounters are nothing but disposable red-shirt bit players in the glorious Mary Sue story that she believes her life must be. Unfettered with any ethical inhibitions and adept at avoiding any serious sanctions for her increasingly bizarre actions, Haruhi collects a likeable but hapless band of bit players through intimidation and kidnapping to join her highschool club (the SOS Brigade) and help her achieve a state of not-boredom......

Even with the benefit of watching the whole thing, I happen to agree. I did not blog the Haruhi's nastiness, and preferred to concentrate on positives, such as they are: cowardice and passive-aggressive outlook of Kyon, tragic moe of restless and doomed Ryoko. This blog is negative enough as it is. But thinking about it again, it's not a nice show, and Haruhi herself plays a major part in it.