Nodame Cantabile ends

Nodame stayed good throughout, and there's very little I can add to the original "it puts the com back into romcom", although the show is certainly is more than just that. In the end it was "come for com, stay for direction".

Characters were quite appealing. I especially liked the two hapless love rejects, Saiko and Kuroki. Milch deserves a special mention for taking the Kimura-sensei's archetype of a two-faced teacher and running with it strongly. The way Milch unfolded, it defied belief at every turn. For the longest time I tried to pigeon-hole him and determine if he's putting Chiyaki through his paces JUST AS KEIKAKU, or being a natural born asshole. Kamina was more straightforward and easier to assimilate.

By the way, I don't expect to watch the Paris extension. Curiously enough, the original Nodame has a clear break at the ep.13 and could have conceivably ended there. So it looks like the creators were getting ready to wrap it up, but were given a green light for another season. And then another. I find this kind of thing annoying, especially seeing how Itakiss packed 10 years of manga into two seasons worth of show.

Liked: Oh yes
Rewatch: Very likely