Trouble in Paris

I wasn't going to see the Paris extension of Nodame ("Paris-ben"), but a picture at the official website had Kuroki in it, so I decided to check it out after all. The impression is rather negative, mostly on the account of the new characters. Both Frank and Tanya feel stilted and unlikeable, and to make matters worse they have to fill rather big shoes of Kuroki and Saiko respectively (which duty they fail badly, IMHO). The animation seemed a grade below the original too. I limped through one episode and broke 30 seconds into the second one.

Evirus liked what he saw, in particlar the French language part. I thought it was decently done too, especially since I'm aware just how difficult it is for seiyuu to perform in other languages. Omo wrote that "everything else [aside from OP] stays the same [as in the original season]". He's right to an extent: drunk Nodame heaping h8 on Paris was very vintage Nodame, but it wasn't enough. Damn Frank wastes too much screen time and even opens the 2nd episode.

P.S. The screencap from that awful pile of Flash:

Using my rudimentary Nihongo, I verified that it's indeed Kuroki. However, I have no idea who stands next to him.