Nodame Paris 03

This episode left me yawning, sadly. Nodame has trouble in school and has to get herself together to overcome it yet again... sounds very familiar. Frank and Tanya seem a shade better now, but not anything special.

Another thing, the compression of the source is becoming too noticeable now. When bloggers complained that the conducting competition in the first two episodes was badly mauled when adapted from manga, I shrugged it off. The only noticeable moment of truncation was that indeed they should have showed Chiyaki conducting for the finals. But now, the whole episode looks like a recap episode for a show I haven't watched. Too many plot jumps. Maybe I have no clue, but this was the impression from the first pass on the raw.

I hate sequels. Perhaps Nanoha and Aria improved in sequels, I cannot tell, but most shows don't.

QUICK UPDATE: In a bizarre twist of fate I'm the blogosphere's "badass rawblogger" on Paris-hen (with one screencap per episode). Aroduc punted it to Omni, but Omni is overloaded with the departure of Divine. Kurogane said on IRC that he watches it, but decided not to cover it. Totali also passed it for an unknown reason.

Very few sub watchers follow it, too. In fact, I cannot name any off the top of my head (I know Omo watches it, but he's not an episodic blogger).