Kannagi begins

October 30th, 2008 by Author

It’s too early to tell where Kannagi is going, so it’s the fluid animation that left the biggest impression. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to capture without the help of an animated GIF, so I’m going to use words.

I glanced through reactions to Kannagi quickly, and it appears that nobody except Aroduc even paid attention, and even then the reaction was subdued:

Production was what you’d expect from A-1. Dodgy art in places, but much more elaborate and emotive animation than you normally see. It’s pretty much the same general animation style as Birdy, only with more arm flailing instead of leaping alien superwomen. Honestly though, it really does make me think of Wagaya, only with better art, animation, a more irritating male lead, and a girlier female lead, […] [Emphasis mine &mdash Author]

Since I have not seen Birdy and Wagaya, the style reminded me of Lucky Star, in particular the iconic moment when Konata claps here feet together while reading a manga. It’s a little surprising that nobody else saw fit to mention it (see Totali, Divine in his swan song at Omni’s, Kabitzin). Perhaps they all are jaded by the modern high quality shows?

Speaking of jaded, Jin’s perverted behaviours confuse me: I have no idea what reaction I am supposed to produce. Since I parsed my family’s clothes for the laundry just yesterday, I cannot relate to Jin staring into that basket. Regarding Jin going feel up sleeping Nagi, well… I stalked the girl I liked in high school, so I am not in a position to criticize much. The society I was brought up was sexually repressed as well, so it’s hard for me to say if Jin meets expectations.

UPDATE: Otou claims that he saw the same thing.