Nodame Paris 06

November 21st, 2008 by Author

Ascaloth of RIUVA asked in passing what has happened to blogging Nodame Cantabile ~Paris-hen~ at Ani-nouto. The answer is, lack of interest happened. Although the ep.06 was rather strong by the standards of Paris-hen, and I enjoyed Chiyaki going undercover, the sequel is just not measuring up to the original, IMHO. The story is meandering and aimless. Worse, I don’t feel for the characters in the same way, they even broke Kuroki.

Also, there are better, more enjoyable shows on the air in this season.

Most likely I’m going to follow the advice of DrmChsr0 from #animeblogger and drop it. No doubt someone will e-mail with “it is just getting good! you said 06 was strong yourself!” But life is full of tough choices. Mine’s band could’ve been a sensation too, who knows.