Toradora 08

The 08 is the "battle", with Ryuuji going to Ami's villa if she wins... Was there ever any doubt in the outcome? Honestly! And then Taiga invited herself to the villa, of course.

I think I'm going to drop Toradora. However, it's not because the plot is too predictable. My problem is that I latched onto a wrong character and that ruined everything. So this decision does not reflect on Toradora, it may still be the best show of the Autumn (N.B. we are yet to see the ending).

Dropping Toradora leaves me without anything current to follow. Which may be not a bad thing, I'm thinking about taking a little break.

OOPS, UPDATE. I was so distraught that I forgot to mention that Taiga has all but confessed in this episode... yet she continues to get flustered whenever Kitamura talks to her. The first love never dies! Thanks Omisyth for the reminder.

UPDATE: Zyl enjoys Ami for all she's worth, and I applaud that. The problem is, she's doomed.