Jonathan Tappan debunks SDS

While the animeblogging world is busy ignoring the two drama queens, a far more interesting discussion happens elsewhere:

"I wouldn’t say that writing is more important than art in animation..." says Ogiue Maniax.

Personally I WOULD say that. In fact, I’ll say it right now. Writing IS more important than art in animation. If the writing is good enough you can get away with artwork that’s pretty bad. (It will probably be hailed as edgy, unconventional artwork that defies conventional notions of beauty.) On the other hand, if the writing is bad, the most beautiful artwork in the world won’t save it.

He's talking about Kannagi here, isn't he?

Jokes aside, I think SDS all but agrees, since his main example was how greatly poor writing impacts the result... I haven't seen [Gundam] Seed Destiny, but I've seen Futakoi. That was so bad that it had to be rewritten!

FRIDGE UPDATE: Considering Jonathan's examples of The Simpsons and South Park, I hated Shin-chan. Maybe I'm just weird.

UPDATE: SDS decided to answer via a comment. I have no quarrel with his argument, but... a comment? *headdesk*