Moogy mocks Funi

An amusing non-ex fansubber's monologue:

So, my question is - who exactly did Funimation C&D over this show? It sure wasn’t the group that subbed it! Or even the people who distro’d it! Maybe they C&D’d AnimeOmake? They subbed episodes 1-6. Or those Spanish dudes who translated from our subs.

It aired during Summer 2007, so it’s not like it’s in high demand right now, anyway.

Seto also has no one to C&D, unless they emailed gg or Ayako or something retarded, considering the show aired in Spring 2007 and everyone except Your-Mom dropped it. Shinsen is still doing it but under an alias with no contact details. Perhaps they sent one to m33w? They subbed an episode recently.

Heh. But I know a guy who would find a dozen of good excuses for Funi to do what they do... no matter what they actually do.