Aria, remaining notes

I blogged most of the notes already, so I'm going skip "BGM is really getting annoying by now", "Clearly this is SDB's revenge for Azumanga", etc. Let's just dump the remainder and close the issue. BTW, these were captured digitally, without a pencil.

01 People of Aqua are not big on water safety. Nobody wears life jackets. : This undoubtedly happens because nobody, ever, falls into water (not even Athena did back when she was a Double!). Well, except the beach episode where they do fall into the water a lot. How weird!

02 Hate this predeterminism. Worse than Kyon's. : Honestly I have no clue what I meant, and I cannot rewatch 02. Kyon's defining features were his cowardiness and opportunism, but I don't remember any characters like that in Aria.

03 Oh gosh, Marimitish life lessons (only nicer)

04 So, cat turned into a girl? She's a reincarnation (see neck bell)? : This wasn't touched upon in detail, despite the ep.12 with its time-bridging cats and the flashback.