SDB opens Nanoha

December 4th, 2008 by Author

<zaitcev> “UPDATE: Having watched the OP, it becomes blatantly obvious that this is a ripoff of Cardcaptor Sakura with vastly increased fan service and fetishness.”
<zaitcev> ;_;
<sagematt> …What?
<sagematt> Again… What?
<zaitcev> You can draw such conclusions from mere OP?
<sagematt> Ah.
<sagematt> Ah.
<sagematt> Ok.
<sagematt> It’s the first show.
<sagematt> He is pretty much right. [Emphasis mine — Author]
<sagematt> Nanoha = Sakura, Yuuno = Kero.
<zaitcev> OMG
<zaitcev> Matthew
<zaitcev> Nooooo
<zaitcev> Oh, wait. What about Fate?
<sagematt> I TOLD YOU TO SKIP STRAIGHT TO A’s. Jesus Christ nobody listens to me.
<zaitcev> You did?
<zaitcev> But Lawson…
<sagematt> It’s the third fucking time, zaitcev.
<sagematt> Screw Lawson. [Subseqent conversation makes it clear that Matt said it in jest — Author]
<hikago> I couldn’t finish season 1 :(
<hikago> even the hot catgirl familiar wasn’t enough.
<sagematt> zaitcev, Fate shows up almost midway on the show.
<sagematt> You only need to know that 1. Nanoha befriends Fate with Starlight Breaker 2. Fate’s mother is crazy. 3 and 4 I’m going to skip just in case you decide to watch it all (and you will).

<sagematt> Dammit zaitcev.
<sagematt> You going public makes me want to correct a few stuff.
<zaitcev> sagematt: What did I mess?
<sagematt> CCS didn’t have vagina trees, for starters.
<zaitcev> What about Tomoyo?
<sagematt> Nanoha season 1 did start CCS-ish. But the second half is somewhat action packed and fast paced.

UPDATE: Steven completed the series and wrote (spoilers):

It’s a hell of a good story, and I liked the fact that they kept surprising me. And despite how it feels in the first couple of episodes, it’s not even remotely a clone of Card Captor Sakura, and points for that.