Coburn in search of number 4

Claiming Ground:

So there was this chap (with an anime blog) who went by the name of Cameron Probert. This chap was looking for a 9th entry for his personal list of all time top anime. Something to rank up there with the very best shows he’d ever seen. As it were, a 10/10 show.


If I am in search of my #4, then I need to look to the right places.

This reminds me about the anxiety with which I searched for my #3, because the time gap was so long. I wondered if anime creators can ever make something equally good. This might have led to enshrining Manabi Straight prematurely, since it does have a rather slow start and the big heads. But I learned to take them as they come and the #4 Gurren-Lagann was added without extra fanfare (also, it's a pain to recompose the collage). Cameron is lucky to have 9, however.

UPDATE: We awoke C.C. Yoshi. No fair counting a VN! Also, Lelangir tends to overdo it. All the authoritative essentialism is but a hint, so the synergy occuring there is genuine liking of good anime, or so I would like to think. Look, there's a lot to like about Naruto. If I like it, I'm not a slave to societal expectations.

UPDATE in 2009: Cameron replies.