Momotato on 2008

Of course I've seen the yearly update of Momotato, I just don't know how to react. His 2007 selection made sense, but the 2008 one makes no sense, almost. The little bit of sense that I extracted was that Sunred was available on Nico-nico, and since Momotato apparently has affinity to Nico, he zoomed in on it with all his might, in the same way I cheered Druaga at BOST (the simulcast in R1 and AHMEEEEEEEEY!). But otherwise all I can do is to shrug.

The oneliners were sort of all right, but lacked the punch. He's not saying anything we didn't know before, e.g. Mac F had an inconcusive ending. Where is my coal tower, dammit!

Another one consumed by the gaming Borg, I guess.

Check out what Moy[ism] has to say:

I guess it wouldn’t be the new years without Momotato’s yearly blog post? Honestly enough of us “old timers” who are still active pimp the man enough as is but the fact we still do so shows just how much he’s missed… and how no one has yet to capture his unique charm.

Indeed. Damn that Borg.