Bottle Fairy

January 7th, 2009 by Author

After more than a year-long wait, I gave up on Netflix and watched Bottle Fairy on YouTube. It feels absorbing a lot from other series beyond the intentional parody. Most of the time it was like Hidamari Sketch, although it’s not from SHAFT.

The biggest question is, was Steven right?

I am inclined to think that although the crazy sister theory was an interesting mental excercise, it’s not what creators intended. For example, Tama justifies well within the canon why she’s “a little freaked out”. But it’s fun nonetheless.

Maybe I’m trained to make light of this kind of setup by Mahoraba (helped by Kokoro Toshokan, which made light of war), but even accepting that Steven had the right idea, the series is pretty light. Looking at it another way, the reintegration was no worse than the story of Hanana.

BTW, nice OP. Episodes are half-length for some reason.

Liked: It’s not bad
Rewatch: Probably not.