Meta of meta

Published: Fri 09 January 2009
By Author

In meta.

Lelangir was making noises about meta and confusion (no permalink, it's mostly Twitter [1]). The confusion, however, is only that of implicit definitions and multiply meanings. Certainly the very concept of an anime blog is a meta towards the anime (Meta Level 0). When I quote, say, Beta-Waffle, it's meta towards another blog (Meta Level 1). And if I blog about the way I quote Beta-Waffle, it's Meta Level 2 — which is what the "meta" category is here. It was never documented until now, of course. In general, categories suffer from poor definiton and slippage. The "bost" category means "my personal crusade for DRM-free DTO" (although it is also a memorial to the early DRO-minus-DRM pioneer BOST TV, R.I.P.).

Tangentially, he's quoting Stuart Hall instead of some stupid asshole like Edward Said, which is always a plus in my book.

[1] Lelangir reminded me by e-mail that Twitings have permalinks. True, but why should I give Google Juice to Twitter when I can direct it in a more useful way, to Lelangir's main blog? Links are the currency of blogs (Let it be known than I took this formulation from SDB).