SDS on the Dark Matter of Mainstream

For no apparent reason, SDS decided to remind us about the gulf between the dedicated and the masses. Indeed it's a truism. The only news here is how much the modern day bloggers underestimate the gap. My own favourite example is the shock I experienced upon learning that Afro Samurai outsells Haruhi 2 to 1. It reminded me how some 3-rd grade celebrity from NY said in 2004: "How could Bush be elected? I do not know anyone who voted for Bush". I certainly do not know anyone who bought Afro Samurai.

SDS also seems to think that the gulf is growing. I don't know if it grows by itself or together with the growth of the market (like the distance between letters on an expanding child's balloon), but I can see how people like Protaku attempt to insert themselves into the perceived space.

AVATAR observes: "I mean, if you look at it the other way, [Afro Samurai is] probably the worst-selling thing that Jackson has ever been in, by a long way." Heh.