Those pesky pronouns

I had to direct Lelangir on Twitter to the wikipedic entry on pronouns on Bugfox/fun. I thought everyone followed Jonathan, but apparently the way he mixes up anime with the hollywoodism repulses people. It's understandable, I myself basically gave up on Mark to be surprised when he suddenly reviewed Trigun (first half). But Jonathan was not quite there, I thought.

The subject is unfortunately complex. For example, Jonathan writes that calling oneself in 3rd voice is "childish", which is generally true... except when it's not. When Aoi Sakuraba says "Aoi ni mo..." it's a different pattern.

The Lelangir's "kono ore da" is far from the worst. At least its meaning is reasonably clear. In Toradora 16, Kitamura proclaims: "Watashi wa... iya, ore wa... [dramatic announcement follows]". And the subtext here is...? Was he trying to underscore that he's not speaking in his capacity as a [formal candidate for an] official of the student government? I suspect that if so, it's only a part of the message.

But at first blush, Jonathan's cheat sheet is what we have.