Sixten on Toradora and Index

I cannot help enjoying the smackdown (mind, both shows come from J.C.Staff).

This [abovequoted] hate on Index (which I am actually still enjoying, for the many good points that it does have) and its source contrasts with the fact that its fellow award-winning light novel and J.C.Staff project Toradora does not suffer from these problems.


Sankaku Complex suspects a deliberate coordination between J.C.Staff and the Toradora author Yuyuko Takemiya. This consumes the source material at a quick rate that never allows the story to stagnate. Toradora is covering 10 novels in 24-26 episodes, while Index has been taking 3 to 6 episodes per novel and will probably only cover six novels. And, more importantly, Toradora will end cleanly and with finality.

One can only hope. It's a major plus to Itakiss for me too.


Ami-chan and Minorin fans, did you really think it was going to end any other way?

Sixten misses one thing: there's no problem for Ami fans if Ami gets a good end, and the good end does not need to involve beating Taiga. I, for one, am not convinced that Ryuji is the ultimate prize, and besides, it's too early for her to decide on a life partner anyway. We know that they do it differently in anime, but since the show made such a big deal of Ami's membership in the world of adults, well, it comes with the territory. She just needs to make peace with simple facts, e.g. remember how she laments that "if someone keeps a picture of me, it's just a job." And so it is. Becoming an adult is to realize that you cannot climb back into the womb. It's completely up to Ami to decide if to take it in stride. Ryuji is small potatoes on that background.