Moogy on HiME, Xenoglossia, Sorakake

J.P. twittered a link just now, where Moogy talks about the succession issue in regards to currently running Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. I only watched some 3 minutes of ep.1 of it, and I'm considering if I should continue. So, the post was quite informative (as far as I can trust Moogy). It's also amusing how we essentially look at this topic from the opposite directions.

You may ask what exactly my suspicions were. Well, to put it simply: One, that Sora Kake Girl is indeed the true successor to HiME; and two, that Sora Kake may very well end up being better than HiME.

Since I dropped My-HiME over thematic concerns, this is an extremely worrying statement, depending on what Moogy means by "better".

[] HiME hit me (and continues to hit me, with each rewatch) on a very deep level. It was something with an absolutely visceral, raw impact.

Yeah, same here. Only I hated the sensation of being hit (not masochist, you know).

And, yeah, Sora Kake Girl hits me like that too.

And that's our problem right here.

This reminds me how I looked at the Clannad diagram and thought that it must be anime for people who get high on death. While there's a lot of them, I am not one.

Xenoglossia - Actually a rather decent show once you get past the, shall we say, placidity of the first six episodes or so.

Funnily, I wrote after ep.2: "I hated Mai-HiME, so what am I doing watching this? Well... it's not exactly Mai-HiME, for one thing. And it can be amazingly exciting." And I dropped it after ep.7, when the silly X-files stuff started to ramp up. But god, Haruka was cute.

I'm pretty sure we would diagree about S.ifr as well, if Moogy only bothered to elaborate on his assessement.

Absent other bloggers stepping forward with effective Sorakake advocacy, it increasingly looks like a nonstarter.

UPDATE 2010/01/08: Apparently the original source of the Clannad AS diagram is Tsundere Storm (via).