Stripey on Toradora

March 29th, 2009 by Author

The first graf is this:

After marathoning Toradora over the weekend, I finally understood what the fuss/buzz was all about. It is indeed a superb series – one of the best anime romances I have seen. Melding great writing, intriguing characters and focused storytelling, Toradora has been a truly memorable.

Indeed. Also, it’s remarkable how Toradora does it all while remaining in a very limited space. It does not use any supernatural or magic, or other crutches that the likes of ef and true tears employ (not meaning any disrespect, of course — they are great series by themselves).

Toradora is one of the few series where the supporting cast grew as much as the leads. [] I thought Ami was central in bringing the growth matrix into the clear.

I am not sure if Ami qualifies as “supporting”, but ok, fine, she is what Academy gives “Best Supporing Actress” for. It only sounds demeaning. I only have to note that secondary characters received the right amount of attention: not too much, not too little. There was little in the way of “growth”, but then it’s only 26 episodes. If we look at Maaya and Hisamitsu, it was mostly maneuvering play. On the other hand, I was as shocked as everyone when Haruta found a girlfriend. And perhaps Yuri’s resolve to buy a condo counts as “growth”.


In fact [Toradora] was so affecting, I lay in bed for the last couple of nights recalling/sharing with my wife, the sweet/’evil’/silly things that I did/happened to me in the name of love back in high school.

Stripey may be taking things too far. I cut this shit right when I see my wife faking her interest (or even anticipate it) and let her sleep in peace. That, and she’s seen my diary.