Kabitzin on Druaga

The simple joys of being a metablogger: you never need to write anything, just find someone who expresses your ideas better than you ever could and link them. The review at Sea Slugs articulates my annoyance with Druaga:Sword that accumulated over the season until I could not take it anymore and ripped on some small but symptomatic element. Money quote:

The characters introduced in SoU were even worse [than those inherited from Aegis of Uruk]. Most of them were poorly developed and unnecessary. Henaro could have been pretty neat, but we never really found out that much of her past. The Pazuz revelation was thrown out there and then promptly ignored. The constant betrayals were silly as well. Gremica served little purpose, especially since the Sumar angle was not pursued. Kai and the butt-spoon joke were ok, but she was ended up getting bounced around like Jim Jackson. The time spent on the new characters could have been used to develop the original cast and story, and so I felt like the new characters were a detriment to the series.

Hard to disagree with facts. But everything else speaks for me too: terrible story, poor animation, pleasant and perky OPs that deserved a better show, etc.