Bleg about Tokyo

Published: Thu 16 April 2009
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In taf.

Does anyone recognize this place by any chance? {Update: found it, see below.}

I think I took this picture when I walked from Akihabara to Ueno, but I'm not sure. I went over the whole area with Google Maps, and there's nothing like it there. The alternative is the north-west corner of Akiba (where maid cafes are concentrated), but I don't see anything there either. There's a couple of similar parks towards Sotokanda, but they are different in detail.

UPDATE: Evirus asked his readers, too. I'm grateful, but in truth I'm despairing. He also guesses Todai. Unfortunately, it cannot be, since I never went there. Todai is very close to Ueno, but there was no time to walk around the lake and visit the campus (And walking to Akihabara? Well, we weaboos have our priorities...).

UPDATE: Found it, using street view again. Apparently I went quite a bit further east than I thought.