TJ on Shangri-la

The man raises in Shangri-la's defence, with passages like:

People think GONZO sucks, and thus watch Shangri-La to spot instances where GONZO sucks.

That's an astute observation, in general. Once a certain mindset sets in, you may throw Tatsuo Sato on the problem, and it will sink anyway. That said, the very next sentence builds strawmen:

If you read other anime blogs which flame Shangri-La, you’ll notice such observations like "incoherent plot", "boring", "carbon trading is not exciting" etc. It’s pretty obvious that the story hasn’t even kicked in yet, but no, it’s "incoherent" already.

This is actually not what the the common critique was. TJ only lists reactions whereas there are also problematic facts (such as the intentionally polically charged world construction). Can I say Tokyo Marble Chocolate?

As Hinano commented, "Stop pretending that Gonzo doesn’t suck and trying to get hits to your blog by attempting to stir up dorama lol." Her other half was more circumspect, but nonetheless. TJ's point would've carried more credibility if he weren't obviously inflammatory.