AstroNerdBoy on HoiHoi-san

The post at Astronerdboy laments the lack of "a proper anime adaptation" for HoiHoi-san. Boy, do I remember that. In the world of remakes, fresh ideas at at premium, which is what actually makes HoiHoi-san's passing below the radar so lamentable.

It should be painfully clear to fans of Hoi-hoi that there's not enough material in the manga for a regular adaptation. AstroNerdBoy admits as much. He also writes that "the original manga could be expanded upon and stories written around the premise or premises" — an obvious solution. If GONZO can make Strike Witches out of a toy line, surely better can be done about HoiHoi-san by anyone.

But then, don't call it adaptation. Remember Xenoglossia? Nobody calls that an "adaptation". That should be the ideal for HoiHoi-san.

And don't despair. As the vacuum of ideas gets felt stronger in the years down the road, studio execs will send emissaries to dig through archives and try various forgotten properties for size. I can see HoiHoi-san given a new life easily some time in 2015.