Anime Almanac on digital distribution

April 29th, 2009 by Author

Scott’s latest opus reminded me that Funimation supposedly offers a DTO with the following off-hand remark: “After finding success in the “download-to-own” model of digital distribution, FUNimation entered the simulcast game last September blah blah blah”. After the reprehensible move away from DTO on Crunchyroll asserted itself this season, this was certain to attract my attention. Was it time to call “Go Funi!”?

Unfortunately, there’s no real [O]wnership in Funi’s DTO. According to their FAQ, it’s the same kind of DRM bullshit found in modern videogames:

Q: Can I transfer my purchase videos to another computer or laptop?

A: Yes, but you can only activate the license a total of three (3) times.

Disgusting, Funimation. Truly disgusting.

It’s a good thing that I’ve not become a big fan of DBZ, so I don’t need to give them my money.