Macross Frontier 25 and such

May 9th, 2009 by Author

At the last club meeting of the semester, I watched Macross Frontier 25, some Nodame Paris-hen (about 09, I guess), and Shuffle 03.

Every time I watch Mac F, it makes a big impression. It’s definitely not a series for me, there’s too much stuff going on, and then the unresolved triangle was just such a horrible letdown in the end. Nonetheless, it’s a quality work, and an enjoyable action show. Most importantly, it’s not populated almost exclusively by characters ranging from announg to disgusting, like Plus was.

I had the OST for a while without watching the parts with the songs, even built some impressions which may be unconventional (surprisingly, Megumi Nakajima > May’n). But seeing all the singing in action adds an entirely new dimension to it.

Shuffle was just as bad as before, although the animation looked a bit better on second take. Club members unaimously agreed that it’s a terrible show, but liked it nonethless. Especially vocal was one guy who appeared to like Pani Poni Dash [1]. It takes all kinds.

Paris-hen did not seem improved from where I dropped it. Overcompressed, etc. Kuroki was a teeeeny bit better. Still, I’m not interested in continuing it.

[1] PPD was famously blurbed by SDB as “[take] 1 part Azumanga Daioh, mixed with 2 parts Excel Saga. And remove all of Azu’s charm and warmth.” Mind, the characters that I called “repulsive jerkfaces” he merely called “obnoxious”.