Asagiri no Miko ends

June 20th, 2009 by Author

For some, it’s an anime about miko magic, but for me it will be about the two little deities. Their substory was that moving.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: No


There are not two, but three tracks from Megumi Hayashibara’s center color in the anime, including the insert in the ep.26.

Ayatachi should’ve recruited boys. In manga, it’s possible (e.g. Hiro’s father). Then we’d have the real showdown.

Chika and classics: can you imagine a high school student, who’s not a complete delinquient, having trouble reading? Only in Japan. It’s rather common too, although Kagura was somewhat better at it in Azumanga.

So, why have Hilda stopped? Well, the obvious answer is that her life was freed from monsters and so her interests changed, but would not she be at least a tiny bit attached to Yamoribito?

The Call of Heart thing was done better in Shingu. But then almost everything is done better in Shingu, so…

Koma received the shortest stick in the end. Officially, we were given an detailed exposition on her adaptation to the change of generations and such, but still, the arrangement kinda sucks. In Shingu, her closest equivalent is Setsuna, although with the correction that everything is grander in Shingu.

I would be remiss not to point at the manga as quoted by Sixten. The inbreeding is absolutely insane: three generations out of four.