This is why I have the rule never buy DVDs for shows I didn't watch (and the one I violated the other day, bet true tears is going to suck). I tried to leave the screening 3 times, but my family restrained me.

Certainly, Tokikake is not bad bad, just immensely underwhelming and disappointing after all the fawning coverage it received on the blogs. To begin with, the fundamental animation was insubstantial. The story was all emo and no conflict, no struggle; Marimite-like. Characters were ok, I guess. Dudes were much too perfect and cartoony, but it's not like anyone got much chance to shine. There was barely enough acting time for the lead to show herself.

If anyone wants to see a much better movie about the same thing, watch Whisper of the Heart.

Liked: Naah
Rewatch: Waste of $18.

UPDATE: Aziz hints about the personal credit. Indeed, he was one of the voices, and so was BigN, I remember that much. Lawson, probably, too. My database capsule says "Muppet, NickIstre, etc." and gives two URLs: for Wakaranai and Claiming Ground. That I saved them probably means that I meant to debate finer points of the reviews with the two, but now I see no point.