Hinano on Sora no Manimani

August 4th, 2009 by Author

Heard today:

<sagematt> I wonder why zaitcev thought that Soramani stood a chance.

Here’s one of the reasons:

Yes it’s generic school romance comedy show, but it has nothing offensive and digusting and irritating about it that would stop me from watching it. Many might think Mihoshi is annoying but her character reminds me a lot of Nanaka from Nanaka 6/17 as well as Midori from Midori no Hibi.

In actual event, Mii-chan turned out a nasty little bitch (sorry to repeat myself, but it’s accurate), and a complete opposite of Midori. Midori dedicated herself to her love completely, whereas Mihoshi only thinks about herself (or deludes herself into thinking that she’s good to the object of her interest, but result is the same).

I remember vaguely a literary work (possibly a classic) where two brothers, now adults, talk and reminisce. The big brother asks “do you remember those wonderful pillow fights we used to have?” and the little brother says, “oh yes, I do remember. Do you want to have one?”. Then they take pillows and the little brother kicks the big brother in the nuts as hard as he can, then observes the understanding slowly appearing on the other’s face.

That’s about what Mihoshi deserved for her precious memories, too, but alas, she’s a girl, so that’s impossible. And the dumb bint would probably not understand either. She had a small chance in the anime, and passed on it.