Norman Rafferty on Nanoha

Charles Solomon may be getting old, but never fear, there's always someone ready to do the job. And I'm not talking about Scott Von Schilling this time. Behold:

[Nanoha] opens with lazy production values that are typical for Japanese television. The colors are typical paint-and-trace, which can look very flat and lifeless by modern, digital standards. [...]

We should get Norman to review a neorealist painting by one of those hacks who use paints and canvas.

Oh, and yeah, there's repeated sequences of Nanoha the nine-year-old girl spinning around while her clothes magically dissolve, so she can be left standing stark naked for a second or two before donning her magical clothes. That's when you start wondering who this anime is really for.

Ouch, burns.

Nanoha owes a lot to its roots: the eroge video game where a thick storyline is laid out, and a player makes choices to follow their favorite character ... to eventually be rewarded by seeing them naked.

Someone was reading Wikipedia too much, and it shows.

Recommendation: If you like to stare at the breasts and the panties of cartoon girls, but you want at least some kind of story to let you keep an iota of self-respect, you could do worse than Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

And to think that Shamus Young shares the publication with Norman Rafferty. What a big tent!