Seas Slugs on Autumn 2009

August 30th, 2009 by Author

Now with the multi-author power! Kabitzin and crew take a look at the upcoming Fall, and it sure looks like a full season. Also, a perfect opportunity to comment.

First of all, the international invasion is unfolding as planned, and now includes… *gasp* Koreans! Openly basing on Chinese material is acceptable now (instead of kinda-sorta like Saiunkoku), but this is new.

The less said about the raging and tender high-school lesbian stuff going back to back in two seasons, the better. But I warn you, Japan: by 3rd season I expect a subversion, like giving the protagonist yandere powers.

We also see a lot of sequels and continuations, and I do mean a lot: about half of everything. They even extended Nogizaka. Not a good sign.

Kabitzin: This feels like the feline remix of What Women Want, […]

Jesus###: This is almost like 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, […]

After seeing how dumb the knee-jerk comparisons of ef to 50 First Dates were, I would avoid doing the same. Fans always try absorb the new shows by finding connections with the past. It’s in their nature. Is K-ON like Azumanga? Haruhi? Lucky Star? Beck? Manabi? That’s how the anticipatory and early blogging was for it. But the comparisons with the worst schlock that Hollywood pumps out, isn’t it a little unwarranted, especially before the show airs?

Oh no, not this show again! I did have fun blogging it over at Sufoki, but I received absolutely no comments!

Comments. They eat the soul of a blogger.