Busy Rie Kugimiya

According to Hashi-hime's preview, Rie Kugimiya partakes in five productions of Autumn 2009: Fairy Tail, Hidamari x365 OVA and *** (Hoshimitsu), Shana S, an extension of QB, and sequel to Nogizaka. I remember times when Rie Tanaka doing two roles in one season (Chii and Yomi) was remarkable. I wonder if it's a rat race these days.

UPDATE: Just noticed that Ami Koshimizu is in four series (at least) this season: Umineko, Manimani, Saki (as Nodoka, still running), GA:GADC (as Mizubuchi). When did this shift to multitasking happen?

UPDATE: JPMeyer reminds that Rie Kugimiya is also in FMA Brotherhood. I think it continues into the Autumn.

UPDATE: Sagematt says Umineko continues into the Autumn as well. So, seven roles now?!