Evirus vs WAH on SHAFT

Published: Fri 02 October 2009
By Author

In meta.

Every time someone criticizes his "smug sense of self-importance", I nod approvingly.

That said, look at my blogging about ef (or actually its first half). I didn't mind SHAFTisms at all in it. And Yunocci's delirium in Hidamari 04 was a surrealistic tour de force. Everything has its place. Problems arise from overdosing (I think Evirus would probably agree, if I read him right).

UPDATE: Big N e-mailed that it actually was Hidamari 05.

UPDATE: WAH rambles in response. There was one amusing point though. Remember the "John has gone mad" series, where one is not like the others and derails the argument? Check this out:

[...] often times when I read criticisms of shows like Bakemonogatari, Zetsubou Sensei, K-ON!, Lucky Star, Pani Poni Dash and the like [...]

Unlike the other listed shows, PPD floundered upon having a cast of repulsive jerkfaces (and Becky was the worst). Also, read this: "[take] 1 part Azumanga Daioh, mixed with 2 parts Excel Saga. And remove all of Azu’s charm and warmth." Don't even try to claim a "lack of understanding" here. It's clear like day.

WAH HAVE AROSED Roast. What a troll, but you cannot argue with success.