DiGiKerot on Arashi S2.01

I went to Beta-Waffle to see what I'm missing due to insisting on a story in my anime, and:

Master still has absolutely no comprehension of the concepts of time travel, and that guy still hasn’t gotten his salt, so I guess I can’t complain too much – it was a pretty funny episode regardless of the lack of anything of particular interest to talk about.

Heh. I knew it.


[] given the comments coming from Shinbo about them getting more job satisfaction out of this show than Bakemonogatari due to the popularity not being mostly down to the original author []

So, two things:

1. Shinbo knows that Kobayashi is a talentless hack who ruined School Rumble.

2. For a self-proclaimed fanboi of SHAFT and Shinbo, WAH is surprisingly useless as a source of information. Less stalking, more reporting, please!

UPDATE: Screencaps at Random Curiosity are too beautiful. I'm wavering...