Hazards of Ani-nouto Kremlinology

October 27th, 2009 by Author

Zyl writes:

Though it’s faintly ominous that Arashi merits its own category but not GA:GADC.

As categories proliferate, I’m getting increasingly stingier with awarding them: my sidebar is not endless. So, these days in order to gain a category, an anime has not only be remarkable, but also prompt a large number of posts. GA:GADC is terrific, but there’s not much to blog about it. The (promised) multiplicity of content is what made me hold my nose and create the latest category for Kampfer.

UPDATE: Zyl e-mailed that “the category widget has the option to display as a drop-down which saves a lot of space”. True enough, although I do not trust browser trickery. My plan is to create a WP page based on a page pattern, and migrate categories there, only leaving a link in the sidebar (the idea originates with Mellow).