My fabulous anime club

November 14th, 2009 by Author

I’m back from a club meeting, which would not be all that remarkable if Saturnine didn’t share a whiny post on the topic, written by a guy with nickname suspiciously similar to his own.

I paid my $5 duties and received new and shiny membership card for the term, which is good for 20% discount at local Sonic, among other things (such as access to the club library). We also carried out elections of club officers. Pictured above is the presidential debate between the incumbent (left) and the challenger (right).

That library access is going to come handy, since we have some pretty nice additions. Look at this sensational English edition of GA:GADC manga. Kyouju! In color! I have to say, Yen Press beats the pants off anything Tokyopop and ADV ever offered (albeit at 2x the price — inflation, I guess). Two other interesting mangas I noted were Kara no Kyoukai / Garden of Sinners and Haruhi-chan. The latter features a full-sized Ashakura, I almost keroed over. Also, all kanji are accompanied by furigana.

The standard programming included Fruits Basket, Samurai Champloo, and Kampfer. Plus, I made folks watch Marko & ShowZ.

BTW, I can see how people like Champloo. It seems to me a rendition of Bebop with limiter released, and swords. Basically it’s all about pumped-up violence. I know some folks really go for that stuff.

And then I also made it to a meeting of a local LUG. A socal day, it was. Now I’m going to watch Kampfer 07 (raw) and roll over. And Owen? Plz share something more interesting next time, kthx.

UPDATE: Thomas e-mailed me that the pictured manga is not actually from the library, which is too bad.