Please unconfuse me about Kampfer 07

Why did Kaede (Sakura) lose consciousness? Quoting Damien, fuushigi mystery. I suspect we just don't have enough material in the anime yet to form a good guess. {Update: Sage says she just fainted. On rewatch I concur, and think it was probably the shock from the hair and subsequently Natsuru jumping up.}

The pajamas transformation thing was weird as well, if not to say bogus. I am inclined to write it up as Natsuru's imagination depicted. {Update: Clearly it was.}

BTW, from the location of hits on the blanket, we can make a good guess of what Akane thinks about her own expected accuracy for a triple-tap:

Which is to say, not very spectacular. Although I would probably not risk anything flashier under the circumstances myself (in fact I would not take the top one in case Natsuru propped the blanket with his elbow), she's a Gewehr-type Kampfer for crying out loud.

Chris continues to beat the horse:

I continue to think that Akane was not shooting seriously for whatever reason. Otherwise, she is an embarrassingly bad shot; has she hit anything meaningful?

There's a lot of poetic license in all of it. If you look at the first engagement with Rika, even Natsuru was unable to touch her — with an area weapon! — but Prez scored a significant enough point to give her pause. What gives? What authors try to do is to establish a relative balance of power (with Akane at the bottom of the ladder).