Os is alive

Published: Mon 11 January 2010
By Author

In meta.

Look who's back and switched to vintage Momotato annual posting schedule.

A SECOND thought as prompted by comments: Think of all the people who are trying to sell their lightly used LSAs, just because they think of taking them out for a spin and then ask "what is the point?" At least you've spent 1/10th as much to be just as satisfyingly emo!

UPDATE: Actually, this post started with my observation how WAH used the comment at Os' post to demonstrate how much of an insufferable, arrogant ass he is. The contrast with Hung's measured and friendly comment was especially telling. But then I decided that it was beneath contempt and limited myself to the positive (and the post shrunk enough to fit the micro-nouto category). And what do you know, today WAH doubled down by posting an expanded teatrise where he psychoanalizes Hung and his comment from the better-than-thou angle that long made WAH's blog so pukeworthy.

(And before anyone gets on my case for jumping on Hung, I’m simply using him as an example for an trend I’ve noticed across my time as a fan. He’s just the closest thing in my sights at the moment.)

Good heavens, I'm glad WAH hasn't formed an trend himself.

BTW, this time WAH omited one point that he used to make without fail: that he is better than Hung-like rabble because he speaks Japanese and lived in Japan. Is it a hint that Hung is just as fluent? Or simple oversight?