Kids these days

January 15th, 2010 by Author

<NovaJinx> …what
<NovaJinx> that comic is disturbing
<NovaJinx> seriously
<NovaJinx> that totally beats Mistakes of the Youth in awkward self-insert
<hikago> more than that, it’s a fantasy with MIAO
<zaitcev> I cannot believe you have not heard about Miao Diary.
<hikago> AS THE… argh
<hikago> i purged it from my mind
<hikago> this was like a year ago
<hikago> i thought i was free
<NovaJinx> lol
<NovaJinx> well I kinda like his art but everything else is….orz

UPDATE: The #animeblogger channel is not secret, in fact it was “recommended” to be linked from the navigation alongside the mandatory buttons. I did not have the button because I conserved sidebar space back in the bad old days of inline categories. Enabled it now.