Las Cruces Anime Day

January 25th, 2010 by Author

Thought I gave up on cons, but LCAD announced a panel “IDOLM@STER videos”. My only weakness! If any animebloggers plan to come, hit me on e-mail, plz.

UPDATE: Las Cruces hosts the only Pizzeria Uno location in the state.

UPDATE 2010/01/31: Well, that was fun, but unfortunately my monstorus headache almost ruined it. I passed out some time after 4 p.m. and missed on the half of the con. I made it to the IDOLM@STER videos thing, which turned out not to be a panel, as I mistakenly assumed (even though it plainly had a grey background in the program).

Chihaya, “relations”.

Seing the videos in full resolution was unreal. For some reason, everything on YouTube is quite bad. Unfortunately, since the showing had no panelist, there was no way to ask just where they downloaded the videos.

LCAD itself was amazingly well-organized for a small, backwater con. I remember coming up to Fanime on Saturday and they still had no program (it was only ready in the afternoon). But here the schedule was finalized and published at least 4 days in advance. It was also given to attendees in an attractive printed booklet, and was easy to read. All panels and screenings ran like clockwork, except for Mrs. Rial being fashionably late.