Zyl on Kampfer 10, 11

Found two saved examples of Zyl's masterful analysis and scintillating wit. Episode 10:

Kaede's criticism of Natsuru is being lame is IMHO unfair. Firstly, Natsuru loves and wants Kaede so much he doesn't see any other girl as a potential girlfriend thus the almost willful denseness. Faithfulness is not a virtue anymore? From this angle, Natsuru doesn't realize that Shizuku is only doing what she does to him because she likes him; he, quite reasonably, sees it as her bullying him for her own amusement.

Nod. Episode 11:

The 'ending' reminded me a lot of the end of the first season of Asura Cryin' - the pieces are put together and the protagonists see the whole picture for the first time. It then sets up the next season for them to act on their discoveries.

I was particularly cheered by Natsuru's straight arrow: I love you Kaede but I won't sacrifice my dear harem friends! What a man! (Even though, like Kaede, I much prefer Natsuru as a woman.)

The only thing I did not understand was Kaede's plan to get male Natsuru to sleep with Shizuku - certainly that would distract Shizuku from investigating the Moderators for a while but how would that re-ignite Blue versus Red hostilities? Was Kaede then going to mind-control Natsuru into not calling Shizuku after the morning after?

Oh groan. And I think he sees too much design on the part of creators where the events probably just rolled downhill naturally.