Omamori Himari to be taken down from Crunchyroll

March 8th, 2010 by Author

Gia drew my attention to the upcoming removal of Omamori Himari from Crunchyroll, by — who else — Kadokawa. Crunchyroll’s Rob Pereyda even made the following observation about Kadokawa’s insufferable arrogance:

“While I cannot reveal too many details as to the specifics of the Kadokawa Pictures deals, I can confirm that there is a window in place for the two titles. While I am not privy to their entire media strategy, I can say that the windowing of content across various forms of media has become more and more widespread recently, especially overseas, and that both rights holders and distributors ultimately come to these kinds of agreements to best ensure the future, viable production of high-quality media.”

See this middle finger, Kadokawa? See it? You are making me to download Himari elsewhere and then who is going to lose? Not I. I do not even want to watch it all that much.

P.S. It should be noted that Kadokawa did exactly the same crap on Youtube when they uploaded and took down Haruhi-chan. So it’s entirely in character for them.