Aroduc on Hidamari Hoshimitsu 10

He opens with the following attention-getter:

[Yuno] flushes her key down the toilet and then spends most of the next week as a hobo, wandering from room to room, trading sex for lodging [...]


But then, the grumpy animeblogger with the heart of stone tries to live up to his reputation:

In any case, it was better than most of the last few episodes, and I’d call it one of the stronger episodes of this season, but like most of the rest, you can really feel the formula that Shaft has completely locked themselves into. That would be fine if they used it as a platform, but after the 10th time of seeing this exact same morning exercise routine and about the 23rd time of the ending bath, I can help by groan and fight off the urge to fast forward every time they start.

The tough love, which SHAFT probably needs. Actually this is kind of how I felt twice, when I dropped Hidamari and Hidamari x365 after ep.6.

What made GA different, I think, was how it a) used the cast's quirks to a great effect (although Hidamari tried too, but...), b) inserted all the pseudo-educational stuff to water down the slice-of-life, c) paid attention to the animation, d) delivered the funny. And they did not overstay their welcome, at least thus far.